Teddy Jones

Storyboard samples and Reels. 

GOBZ™ - Chase sequence
Storyboard Reel 2021
Storyboard Reel 2017
Long Night

As a Freelance Artist I have been trusted with various projects for 2D & 3D Games and TV Animation, embracing the challenge each of them brings and continuously building up my skills and versatile style, expanding my horizons and simply enjoying the journey to the ultimate goal of completing my own personal projects.

Sales Game
JASNE - Alles Klar
3D Projects

Some traditionally drawn animation on paper from the old days; Flash - frame by frame; Maya and FX animation done with AfterEffects.

Wide Eye
VFX Casino Games
Maria's Kleine Ezel

Personal Projects. © 2007 - 2021 Teddy Jones

Molly and the Fairies
The Sunny Side of Life
Christmas 2010
The Old www.c-art-toon.com

S T O R I E S  C O M I N G  S O O N

Keeper of the Words
The scattered material within you has found its direction and has started to flow. ~ Hayao Miyazaki
Little Notes around Glosshope
The Weather Wizard
The Garden Detectives
Friends with Spiders

Teapott Fables is the boiling-over imaginations of

Teddy Jones and Scott Norton,

bringing you animated tales of wonder and woe that perfectly blend the salty and sweet. Part cute, part creepy; some shadow, some shine. Each steeped in classic fairy tale tradition with a tart, modern twist to create the perfect cup of story.

So come all ye children and grown-ups alike, come sip on our fables (but careful, they're spiked!).

How we started
The Brand
The Labels

"The Ballade of Haunted Hill" is a Graphic Novel concerning a boy who must be frightened to stay alive, and the female ghost with whom he shares a haunted home.

The World
Percy and Georgette
The Dolls

Characters design for Tabletop Minis; 3D models; Advertisement Concept  and Storyboard for Product Promotion.

© 2020 TabletopCandyCompany 

The Storyboard
The Boyz

The long journey of an artist, gone from all circles of fine and digital art to arrive at the simple beauty and joy of crafting useful things...  More pictures and projects on my IG: @Crafttea_Cup

Animation & Story Artist

Started as an Animator back when animation was done on paper. After learning Photoshop, got inspired to become a Background Artist. Combining the two was the most natural progression and I was next a Concept Artist, slowly getting closer and closer to the essence of it all - The Story...

Proudly wearing my Storyboard Wizard' hat since 2016.
This wonderful adventure of Story structure and Emotional impact has inspired me to create my own stories and learn how to craft Magical New Worlds, not only visually, but verbally too.

Feel free to reach out if you wish to join me on a Creative Adventure..